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Nandkuvarba Kshtriya Kanya Vidhayalaya & College

Historical Background

Shri Nandkunverba Kshatriya Kanya Vidyalaya was founded in the year 1917 by the late HH Maharani Saheba Shri Nandkunverba Saheb of Bhavnagar. Her husband the late HH Maharaja Bhavsinghji Saheb and she was a path breaking couple who developed Bhavnagar into a modern, progressive kingdom. In an era of "purdah system" for all Rajput women, this foresighted Maharani abolished it for the women of Bhavnagar and decided to educate the girls of the community. Thus, ushering in an era of change and reform. Initially, our institute was known as "Shri Nandkunverba Zanana Boarding". The sudden and tragic demise of Maharani Saheba in 1918 and Maharaja Saheb in 1919 left the institute bereft, following which it was run by the State Council Administration until the year 1927. It was in 1951 that HH Maharaja Shri Krishna Kumar Singhji restarted the school, changing the name to Shri Nandkunverba Kshatriya Kanya Vidyalaya. The school was inaugurated by HH Maharaja Saheb Shri Digvijay Singhji of Jamnagar, the Head of Saurashtra State on 25th March 1951.

The land and the resources were donated by HH Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singhji and the school was set on its path of development under the Presidentship of his wife Maharani Vijayaba Saheb. Ten years down the line, she relinquished the post and Maharaja Saheb took the reins of the Trust himself and decided to open the doors to all the daughters of Bhavnagar, making it a prime example of secularism.

Thereafter, HH Maharani Saheba Brijraj Nandini Devi further pushed the school towards growth and improvement, and her legacy is being carried forward by her daughter-in-law Maharani Saheba Samyukta Kumari, the current President of the Trust.

The Trust offers a primary, a middle school and a secondary school education in both Gujarati as well as in English Medium. The year 2016 has seen the landmark opening of an Arts and Commerce College on the campus, thus offering our girls the opportunity to study further. The total number of students in both english and gujarati medium, including our newly found college add up to above three and a half thousand.



The Trust believes that there are no weak students, every child has some skills, abilities and some untapped resource, and it is the job of the staff to bring out the best in each girl. To compete with one's self and to achieve your own highest potential, that is the value we instill in our girls. We aim to send out well-rounded personalities into the world, who are capable of facing life with an inner strength and fortitude, and becoming an asset to society. To mould each child into a good human being with strong values and a passion for learning is our mission. We aim at an all-round development of our students, catering to the academic, the sports field, the cultural as well as the spiritual. We believe that discipline is the key to a happy life.


Our students are imparted knowledge by a group of dedicated teachers and professors who believe that academic excellence is brought about not by the enforcement of pressure but by encouraging the love for learning. We aim to create an atmosphere of happiness and calm as we believe that mental and emotional well-being is what helps a child to open her mind to a wealth of learning. We take special pride in our library that houses a treasure of books, as well as a specially designed, fully equipped psychology lab for practical's and counseling.


Physical activity is a very essential part of our curriculum. We have a state of the art sports ground of artificial turf that offers field and track events, along with football, volleyball, handball, throw ball and basketball. We also offer kabbadi, kho-kho, badminton and swimming. Our girls represent the state of Gujarat at the national level often and win trophies across the board. We are indeed proud of the fact that we are an institute that is distinguished in the sports arena.

Extra Curricular

The eco club helps create awareness of our planet and sets up activities like tree plantation, cleanliness drives, wildlife camps, trekking, and also sets up exhibitions and organizes competitions that are nature and environment related. We hope that the future generations inherit a beautiful earth from us and work hard towards nurturing it.

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is an integral part of our school/college since the past thirty years. It orients the youth towards community service and creates awareness about social issues. Our girls adopt a village every year and transform it into a clean environment and teach the villagers the importance of education, personal hygiene, health checkups and also conduct regular blood donation camps.

Life In The Hostel

The hostel girls are housed in three separate buildings, spread over a lush environment of six and a half acres inhabited by peacocks, mongoose, squirrels and birds of many varieties. Flora and fauna is revered on our campus, and serenity pervades the area. "Maatru Mandir "is a historical heritage building, over a hundred years old, where the girls study and pray. The main hall of the school is a grand testament to the days of the Royals. The walls have paintings of Maharajas and Maharanis and depictions of the Indian classics like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana by the famous artist Somalal Shah. The students are referred to as "dikari", or daughter. The girls wake up early every morning to birdsong and start the day with PT. Food is cooked in a kitchen equipped with modern facilities and the girls help in preparing and serving. The hostel is a learning center for studying, singing, dancing, drama, yoga, karate and a host of cultural activities. All festivals and national holidays are celebrated with enthusiasm. The hostel environment delicately balances the traditional with the modern, hence empowering our girls with the right credentials to live a meaningful life. Once a month the girls dress up traditionally and are perfectly groomed to carry themselves with grace. We sincerely work towards presenting a "sarva guna sampann" woman at the end of the student life for all our young ladies.


President - HH Maharani Saheba Samyukta Kumari Gohil

Maharani Saheba Samyukta Kumari is a graduate in English Honours from the University of Himachal Pradesh. She distinguished herself by topping the girls from her batch in her twelfth Board Exam, with an All India Merit. She is the recipient of the Presidents Gold Medal for the best all-rounder from The Lawrence School Sanawar. A Director of Vijay Mahal Hotels Pvt Ltd and a Trustee of the Khodiyar Mandir Trust, she is also on the Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singhji Trust, which runs a boys school Shri Kumarshala. A proprietor of Shishu Vidya Mandir, a nursery school on the Nilambagh Palace grounds, she has volunteered with cancer patients for five years in Mumbai and set up the Sri Urological Cancer Foundation. Her hobbies include Katha and yoga.

Vice President - HH Maharaja Saheb Vijayraj Singhji Gohil

A graduate from Osmania University, Maharaja Saheb Vijayraj Singhji is the Chairman of Vijay Mahal Hotels Pvt Ltd, President of the Khodiyar Mandir Trust, and a trustee of the Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singhji Trust. A keen traveller, photographer and wildlife enthusiast, he is also an active member on the Board of Rajkumar College, Rajkot, the erstwhile state of Bhavnagar being a founder member.

Yuvraj Saheb Jaiveer Raj Singh Gohil

Armed with a degree in hospitality from Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Switzerland, Yuvraj Jaiveer Raj Singh Gohil brings youth energy to the Trust. He has studied in Jamnabai Narsee School and Ecole Mondiale World School in Mumbai. He is a director of Vijay Mahal Hotels Pvt Ltd and a trustee of Shri Khodiyar Mandir Trust and Shri Krishna Kumar Singhji Trust. He is also the proprietor of Narayani Heritage Hotel. He is a keen body builder and is the chairman of the Bhavnagar Body Building Association.

Kunveri Saheb Brijeshwari Kumari Gohil

Having studied in Jamnabai Narsee School and Ecole Mondiale World School in Mumbai, Kunveri Saheb Brijeshwari Kumari Gohil went on to the University of Nottingham in the UK to pursue a degree in Archaeology and Art History (double Honours) She is currently working as a museum manager for the Piramal Art Foundation in Mumbai. She is a director of Vijay Mahal Hotels Pvt Ltd, a trustee on Shri Krishna Kumar Singhji Trust. She is passionate about heritage conservation and women empowerment.

Shri Dr. Shivraj Singhji Raol

A well-known senior pediatrician of Bhavnagar, Dr. Raol brings with him a wealth of knowledge of the culture and history of Gujarat and is a storehouse of information. He is a constant, hand on advisor on all matters of the Trust.

Shri A.S Nirmala Devi

With a sound and balanced attitude towards decisions making, she is a stable and mature advisor who is a constant presence in all the functions and activities.

Shri Anjani Devi Gohil

An ex student of the school, she has served for twenty-nine years as a Higher Secondary teacher. As the Secretary of the Trust, she has been instrumental in steering the institution towards success. Her management skills have ensured that the hostel girls are disciplined and groomed to emerge as ideal citizens of society while her overall administration has helped the organization to grow exponentially. She has dedicated and devoted her entire life to education, and is highly respected in the field.


Vachini Devi Gohil is the current Principal of the School. Character building is her foremost aim for her students and she believes that a woman of substance is one who excels in academics as well as in sports, and at the same time has an inner strength that carries her forward in life. Determined to exalt the status of the school to a higher level, she constantly pushes boundaries and innovates so that the institution moves forward. She is famous for presenting the most vibrant and beautiful annual day functions and has set up a girl's band in the school that often plays at official government functions. A strict disciplinarian, she is the compass that directs the school towards new heights.